Netac K391 Fingerprint Encryption Portable HDD

Netak K391 Fingerprint Encryption Portable HDD

K391 combines the security data storage and fingerprint identification technology, apply everyone’s unique fingerprints instead of traditional password. Prevent unauthorized access to the HDD, security performance doubled

Key Features

AES Hardware Encryption

K391 adopts the solution of AES hardware encryption, cipher text storage mode, realize hardware encryption and read synchronously

Partition Management

K391 sets up the public area and the encryption area, the public area can read the date freely, the encryption area needs the fingerprint to unlock to access

Wide compatible, plug and play

Connect the device with data line, no need to set up, plug and play directly. Connecting to an apple computer, no need to format the HDD, transfer the data freely


Brand Netac
Model Portable HDD K391
Capacity 1TB/2TB
Interface USB 3.0
Dimension 122mm×76mm×13.2mm
Weight About 176g
Compatible with WindowsXP/7/8/10+; MacOS10.4+; Linux2.4.x+