Shadow DDR4

Shadow DDR4

64GB(32GB*2) 32GB(16GB*2) 16GB(8GB*2) 32GB 16GB 8GB

Superior performance

Netac Shadow DDR4

Netac Shadow DDR4

Stable and compatible

Lifetime warranty

Key Features

Original chips improve the performance of computer

Selected original chips, strict inspection process, 8-layer PCB board, stable performance.

Aluminum alloy vest for effective heat dissipation

Aluminum alloy vest, strong heat dissipation effect, low working temperature, more stable operation

Gold-plated craft gold finger

Gold plating process, stronger conductivity and corrosion resistance


Brand Netac
Model Shadow DDR4-3600 Shadow DDR4-3200 Shadow DDR4-3000 Shadow DDR4-2666
Form Factor 288-Pin UDIMM
Capacity 64GB(32GB*2)/32GB(16GB*2)/16GB(8GB*2)/32GB/16GB/8GB
Frequency DDR4 3600MHz DDR4 3200MHz DDR4 3000MHz DDR4 2666MHz
Bandwidth PC4-28800 PC4-25600 PC4-24000 PC4-21300
Timing 19-19-19-43 16-20-20-40 16-20-20-40 19-19-19-43
Voltage 1.35V 1.2V