Shadow RGB DDR4 Silver

Shadow RGB DDR4 Silver


Netac Shadow RGB DDR4 Silver Plating

Ultra-low timing & XMP2.0

Manufacturer’s Lighting Effect Certification

Key Features

Extraordinary Game Experience

Netac Shadow Memory Series is built for Gaming with its outstanding design concept

Amazing RGB Lighting

Electroplated light guide strips with 8 bright lamp beads bring dreamlike colors, support ASUS, MSI, ASROCK and Gigabyte lighting efficiency synchronization

CL14 Ultra-low Timing

The 3200MHz frequency memory of Shadow Electroplating Series can compress the timing to CL14, which is superior to the mainstream CL16 timing memory in the market


Brand Netac
Model Shadow RGB DDR4-4266 Shadow RGB DDR4-4000 Shadow RGB DDR4-3600 Shadow RGB DDR4-3600 Shadow RGB DDR4-3200 Shadow RGB DDR4-3200 Shadow RGB DDR4-3200
  (Electroplated Version) (Electroplated Version) (Electroplated Version) (Electroplated Version) (Electroplating Limited Version) (Electroplated Version) (Electroplated Version)
Form Factor 288-Pin UDIMM
Capacity 16GB(8GB*2)
Frequency DDR4 4266MHz DDR4 4000MHz DDR4 3600MHz DDR4 3600MHz DDR4 3200MHz DDR4 3200MHz DDR4 3200MHz
Bandwidth PC4-34100 PC4-32000 PC4-28800 PC4-28800 PC4-25600 PC4-25600 PC4-25600
Timing 18-22-22-42 18-22-22-42 16-18-18-38 18-22-22-42 14-14-14-34 14-16-16-36 16-20-20-40
Voltage 1.35V