Shadow RGB DDR5

Shadow RGB DDR5

64GB(32GB*2) 32GB(16GB*2) 16GB(8GB*2)

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5

High frequency specification and Support lamp effect synchronization

Custom-made 8-layer PCB and gold-plated gold finger technology

Key Features

Irrationally Fast Speed

4800MHz high frequency specification, effectively speeding up the software application operation and response speed

Magic RGB Effect

Electroplated light guide strips are matched with 8 bright light beads, which support the light effect synchronization software of ASUS, MSI,ASRock and Gigabyte to create a personalized e-sports atmosphere

On-die ECC

RGB DDR5 reduces the voltage to 1.1V, making energy consumption control more excellent. Power Management Integrated Circuits(PMIC)brings higher compatibility and signal stability


Brand Netac
Model Shadow RGB DDR5-6200 Shadow RGB DDR5-5600 Shadow RGB DDR5-4800
From Factor 288-Pin UDIMM
Capacity 64GB(32GB*2)/32GB(16GB*2)



Frequency DDR5 6200MHz DDR5 5600MHz DDR5 4800MHz
Frequency PC5-49600 PC5-44800 PC5-38400
Timing 40-40-40-96 40-40-40-77 40-40-40-77
Voltage 1.35V 1.2V 1.1V